Early Music Morella with Mediterrània celebrates interculturality and recovers the heritage of the Mediterranean from traditional, medieval and Renaissance music. Every year Early Music Morella programs are articulated around specific themes designed to stimulate new attitudes that bring us closer to the music of the past. From  existence as historical reality, between the 12th century and the beginning of the 18th century, of a geopolitical, cultural and social structure known as the Crown of Aragon and its sociocultural link with other European territories such Netherlands and the Kingdom of Naples, we have taken the Mediterranean as the backbone of Early Music Morella 2022, since it clearly reflects the cultural and social relationship that these territories maintained in Renaissance Europe. The cultural links existing in the mid-sixteenth century between the courts of the Dukes of Calabria in Valencia and the Kingdom of Naples are more than evident, also with Flanders, and the Course and Festival promote their research and dissemination, and ultimately their recovery. of this common and interrelated musical heritage between the different European territories that make up this triangle. We are talking about a sea that should unite, which once served as a source of inspiration for many intellectuals fleeing from Protestant taboos, and which today has become a scene of death, inequalities and constant confrontations due to political conflicts that seem overwhelming. A space where the reality of migration takes precedence over any other vital issue, and where music is once again a language of union, common and universal. The Mediterranean environment thus becomes the recurring theme of this Early Music Morella, without ceasing to delve into this musical adventure in instrumental practices, measurement, theory and composition techniques in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. the beginnings of musical writing and its notation techniques, oral and written music and their mutual influences as well as instrumental or religious music. The combination of elements of historical music together with those of oral tradition form the essence of Early Music Morella, music to understand, communicate, listen, interpret and enjoy from their knowledge and reasoning. The combination of elements of historical music with those of oral tradition form the essence of Early Music Morella, music to understand, communicate, listen, interpret and enjoy from their knowledge and reasoning. In our X edition in addition to the concerts of the Festival and the Academy of instrumental or vocal improvement, you can enjoy a multitude of parallel activities (guided tours, exhibitions, conferences, Med_Ren Jamsessions, instrument building workshops and we will pay special attention to the actions social networks for the diffusion of early music for young people, the elderly and disadvantaged groups. It will be a pleasure to share it with all of you.





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